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AutomationGenie has started off to cater the organizational needs by understanding the present system and moving it to the cloud base, not monotonously but automate the files with the help of a genie. Keeping in view the market trends we have a unique style in transforming your applications to any new generation language of your choice.

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TCL to Python

TCL to Robot Framework

TCL to customised Python

Delphi to java spring boot

Pascal to java

Progress 4gl to java migration

Progress 4gl to c#

Informix 4gl to java

Informix to c#

COBOL DB2 to java Posters

Oracle pl SQL to Java

Oracle forms to Java

Conversions are complicated, but with our Genie in place we meet the customers expectations and also ease the process of conversion.

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3 main reasons
why to choose us

Our Approach

Phases of the project

Research and Analysis

The challenges ahead and reasons for the movement. Complete understanding of the current system and it's environment. Areas of concentration Understand the volume of the project

Target Code

The goals of the project are set primarily on the technology that has to be shifted and also the scope of conversion.

Transform the Code

The Genie is used to generate the target Language. The transformation is based on rules and code styles and is in compiled state to be deployed on an application server supporting the new object-oriented code. No business logic or application functionality is changed as part of the transformation.


Regression testing is the key area, where we test the code resulting from the conversion using a test plan with documented test scenarios provided by the customer. The tests run against the best finite data on the converted system, and we identify, investigate, and fix any discrepancies in the expected behavior of the modernized applications. Once testing is complete, we perform a code refresh to ensure that any changes that took place in the application environment during the conversion are accounted for, into the target language and environment.

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To get a glimpse of what we are exactly doing. Please upload any of your Cobol File here. Our Team will work on it and will send you across the java file.

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